Thursday, October 28, 2010


No. 1, Kiosk Keusahawanan, UPSI, Tanjong Malim, Perak... 
Mari Singgah Makan Burger Kukus Ni!!!
Rasa Sekali Pasti Nak Berkali- Kali!!

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No. 1, Kiosk Keusahawanan, UPSI, Tanjong Malim, Perak...

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Burger kukus Jalan Rejang,a small IKS company that sold burger that located at UPSI.Selling foods and drinks especially burgers.The company main attraction is the steam burger that qiute different from the other burgers available.Burger kukus starts thier operation on 17 october 2009 where they open thier stall at UPSI.
Burger kukus owner,Mr Fazlizam bin Abas,29 years old,an entrepreneur from Perak that run the burger kukus business since 2009.He already runs a few business in the previous years and this is his latest business progress and it’s growing at asteady paste.
The Burger Kukus Jalan Rejang were first used from the previous business he had before.Before he starts the burger business at UPSI,he already done some business with his business partners.Due to the some circumstances,he leave and starts his own business alone.
His first business alone starts at Taman Universiti,Tanjung Malim.He rented part of other shop to run his burger business.Targeting for universiti students as his main costumer,he start his business at evening until night.He has been doing business for a few month,yet,his business seems to be shaky due to the expensive site rent cost.
After quite a while,he manage to get a stall inside the campus area which reside next to the surau An-Nur.The rent there is reasonable and the number of customers is steadydue to the various type of costumer raging up from students to staffs of UPSI.